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The Peerless P125 diesel models has an impressive 24KW, 3 cylinder - direct injected diesel motor which drives a huge Peerless air end delivering 125CFM (3538 litres) of free air delivery at 100PSI (8 BAR).
A great feature of this motor is that all coolant is ran through a hydraulic system achieving a greater flow rate.

This unit is controlled through an intuitive intelligent LCD digital display that is carefully protected behind a cabinet door. This digital display allows you to see all the functionalities of what the diesel screw compressor is doing with live feedback. From the RPM of the engine, pressure range delivering, fuel consumption, service hours, run time and much more.

Just like all our other engine driven air compressors this will revv up when the air demand is required and then idle back when pressure has been reached. We have also implemented the air compressor to have an battery isolation switch which is located inside the lockable doors.

• Water cooled Engine
• Huge air intake filters that are easily accessible for maintenance or replacing
• Internal heat shields installed
• Fuel filter with sight glass for easy identification
• Central lifting hook
• Backlit LCD control panel
• 2 air outlets (3/4")
• Ease of servicing with easy access parts
• Lockable panel with gas struts
• Battery isolator switch
• Isolating switch at control panel
• Diesel engine will idle when pressure reached
• Sound proofed cabinet
• Low diesel consumption
• Automated fault finding and recording
• Storage battery included

Trailer mount:
The P125D-T has been designed with twin air outlets making it easy to either to regulate one outlet for air tools and then have direct pressure for blow

downs or tyre inflation. Solid metal construction with an extended "A" frame for ease of towing and reversing. The top of the A frame has a top plate for ease of a retractable hose to be mounted along with a spare tyre.

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