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SDS PLUS DRILL BIT 4 CUT 12 X 260MM 4932352033

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MILWAUKEE® MX4 4-Cutter SDS+ bits are an industrial quality hammer drilling solution for users wanting precision & high speed
during masonry drilling processes. With their 4-Cutter design, they are perfectly suited to drilling applications where rebar strike is
4-Cutter Symentrical Geometry, 4 x 90° - Perfect cylindrical holes for optimal anchor fastening
4-Flute Geometry - The high volume flute geometry ensures the optimum removal of dust from the hole being drilled
Centring Point - For easy spot drilling with pinpoint accuracy. Prevents skidding on smooth surfaces
Welded Solid Carbide Tip (5-8mm diamters)
Higher durability of the tip resulting in longer life
Allows for wider flute entrance leading to increased speed
4 x Breaker Points - Pulverises material more efficiently and permits the bit to be up to 20% faster than other brands
Enhanced Rebar Guards - For an improved resistance to breakage when hitting rebar
New Variable Flute Design - Thin flute at the tip for maximised dust removal
Thicker Flute at the base - For higher stability and reduced bit breakage
SDS-Plus Shank - For quick and easy bit changes
PGM Certification - Certifies these drill bits drill at the dimension stated on the bit (when new).
Made in Germany
Diameter: 12.0 mm
Overall Length: 260 mm
Working Length: 50 mm

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