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A Shape 1/4" Shank Aluminium Oxide - Pink - O Hardness A26 6.3 AR 30 O 5 V 1/4-60 (long shank)

Mounted points in hardness O consist of pink aluminium oxide in a vitrified bond. These tools are characterized by a very long tool
life and good stock removal rate due to the combination of wear-resistant grain and a hard bond.

The hardness O is particularly suited for use on edges and for deburring work on steel components.

- Long tool life and low tool wear due to the hard, dimensionally stable bond
- Economical to use due to the high edge stability even on low-speed tool drives

Application examples:
- Removal of burrs on cast steel parts
- Grinding of chamfers for welding seam preparation
- Grinding contours

Recommendations for use:
- Mounted points of hardness O achieve their best performance at a cutting speed of 25 to 40 m/s
- Flexible shafts, electric grinders and airpowered straight grinders are suitable as tool drives

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