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Bordo 6.0mm Cobalt Drill Bit 2011-6.00s
Cobalt Jobber Drills have a Bronze Finish (gold oxide). This metallic brown coloured low temperature temper treatment is used on
cobalt tools for identification purposes. Cobalt HSS drills are extremely hard and provide superior performance and increased tool
life especially in stainless steel and high tensile steel.
Part No. 2011-6.00S
Diameter (mm) 6
Flute Length (mm) 57
Overall Length (mm) 93
Spindle Speed Stainless Steel RPM 764
Spindle Speed Tool Steel RPM 1147
Spindle Speed Cast Iron RPM 1529
Spindle Speed Malleable Iron RPM 1720
Spindle Speed Med. Carbon Steel RPM 1911
Spindle Speed Free Cutting Steel RPM 2739
Spindle Speed Aluminium/Brass RPM 3886
Spindle Speed Wood/Plastic RPM 5797
Feed per revolution mm 0.17

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