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HSS TAP MC BOTT.-6X1 3020-6.00B

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Diameter: 6mm
Pitch: 1.0mm
Overall Length: 66mm
Tapping Drill: 5.1mm

The Bordo Diamond Mist Drill System consists of a water feed drill body which is used in conjunction with a water bottle swivel set
or a pressure water bottle.
Replaceable diamond cutters affix to a non-wearing shank which joins the cutters to the water feed body.
The Bordo range of diamond drills are ideally suited to cutting ceramics, porcelain tiles and stone.
They produce no-crack, burr-free holes with minimum spalling.
The interchangeable cutters result in a lower cost per hole than some other diamond drill solutions.
Rotary only action ensures low noise and vibration.
Diamond mist drills are designed to deliver the correct amount of lubrication to maximise drill life and optimise drilling performance.

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