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Experience efficiency & precision with the 730W 125mm Angle Grinder G13SR4 from HiKOKI.

This powerful tool excels at tasks like casting fin removal, steel, bronze, and aluminum finishing, and welding section grinding. Its lightweight and compact design ensure easy maneuverability, while the lockable slide switch enhances safety. With a convenient two-position side handle, tackle diverse materials like synthetic resins, slate, brick, and marble effortlessly.

Product Features:
Powerful Performance - Capable of efficiently removing casting fin and finishing various materials, including steel, bronze, aluminum, and more
Lightweight & Compact - Designed for easy handling and reduced user fatigue during extended use
Lockable Slide Switch - Enhances safety by allowing you to lock the grinder in the "on" position for continuous operation
Two-Position Side Handle - Provides added control and stability for precise work on different materials
Metalworking: Ideal for tasks such as grinding, polishing, and finishing steel, bronze, and aluminum materials.
Welding: Perfect for grinding and smoothing welded sections, ensuring clean and precise welds.
Masonry and Construction: Useful for cutting and shaping materials like brick, slate, and marble.
Automotive: Handy for automotive repair and maintenance, such as removing rust and preparing surfaces for painting.
DIY Projects: Great for DIY enthusiasts working on various projects that require metal or masonry work.
General Fabrication: Suitable for tasks involving synthetic resins and other materials.

Includes 3 Years Standard Warranty and 6 Years Warranty if product is registered online.

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