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Introducing the 1400W 125mm AC Angle Grinder G13SE3(H1Z) from HiKOKI, where safety meets convenience.
With a paddle (deadman) switch, user safety is a top priority. Enjoy hassle-free adjustments with the tool-less wheel guard,
making your work smoother and more efficient. Plus, the two-position anti-vibration handle ensures comfort and precision in any
task. Elevate your projects with HiKOKI's trusted engineering and take on every job with confidence. Upgrade to the G13SE3(H1Z)
Angle Grinder for a safer, more efficient, and comfortable grinding experience.
Product Features:
Paddle (Deadman) Switch - Prioritizes user safety by providing immediate control over the tool's operation.
Tool-Less Wheel Guard Adjustment - Streamlines the process of adjusting the wheel guard, enhancing convenience and efficiency.
Two-Position Anti-Vibration Handle - Ensures comfort and precision during operation, reducing user fatigue and improving control.
Metalworking - Ideal for grinding, cutting, and shaping metal materials such as steel, aluminum, and brass.
Masonry and Construction - Useful for tasks involving concrete, brick, and stone, including cutting and surface preparation.
Welding - Perfect for grinding and smoothing welded sections, ensuring clean and precise welds.
General Fabrication - Suitable for tasks involving synthetic resins and other materials.
DIY Projects - Handy for DIY enthusiasts working on various projects that require metal or masonry work.
Includes 3 Years Standard Warranty with an additional 3 Years when registered online.

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