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Loctite® Silver Grade Anti-Seize
Heavy Duty, temperature resistant, petroleum based lubricant compound fortified with graphite and metal flake. Inert, will not
evaporate or harden in extreme cold or heat. For use in assemblies up to 870ºC.
Recommended for:
• General purpose machine and bolt assembly.
• Close tolerance assembly
• Fine threads and snug slip fits.
LOCTITE® SILVER GRADE ANTI-SEIZE is a heavy-duty, high temperature, anti-seize lubricant that resists galling and corrosion and
reduces wear in heavy pressure applications. This product is used to lubricate and to permit easy disassembly of assemblies
exposed to high temperatures, heavy contact pressures in mines, power generation plants, pulp and paper plants, chemical
plants, quarries, transportation, water treatment plants and general industry. Typical applications include boiler and oven parts,
jet engines, studs, pumps, couplings, splines, bolts, bushings, pipes, flanges and industrial turbines. This product is typically used
in applications up to 870 °C.

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