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DLX3073T 18V Li-Ion 5.0Ah Cordless Brushless 3pce Combo Kit Makita DHP481Z 18V Li-Ion Cordless Brushless Hammer Driver Drill - Skin Only - DHP481Z Features: Single sleeve keyless chuck Wider torque range of 1 - 10Nm in clutch mode allows for versatile applications Mode ring selection Mechanical 2 speed gearing Long rigid side grip helps to stabilize the bit for steady drilling/screwdriving All metal gear construction Twin LED job light with after-glow function Battery fuel gauge shows power remaining in battery Single sleeve keyless chuck allows for easy bit installation.removal by one hand High performance Brushless DC motor. Produces more work amount on a single battery charge while also being durable against long continuous operation Extreme Protection Technology with enhanced dust and drip resistant performance Specifications: Voltage: 18V Impacts Per Minute Hi: 0 - 31,000ipm Lo: 0 - 8,250ipm Max Fastening Torque: Hard: 115Nm Soft: 60Nm No Load Speed: Hi: 0 - 2,100rpm Lo: 0 - 550rpm Capacity: Masonry: 16mm Steel: 13mm Wood: 76mm Dimensions (L x W x H): 205mm x 79mm x 249mm Weight: 2kg Warranty: 3 Years Warranty Covered By Makita Australia Makita DTD154Z 18V Li-ion Cordless Brushless Impact Driver - Skin Only - DTD154Z The Makita DTD154Z Brushless Impact Driver has a high rotational speed of 3,600rpm, which is optimum for fast tightening of self-drilling screws. Featuring an aluminium hammer case, variable speed control and one-touch bit installation, this is a powerful and compact drill to suit any line of work. It also features electronic 3-stage impact power selection and the new T-Mode especially for tightening self-drilling screws. Features: Aluminium hammer case One-touch bit installation, no need to pull bit sleeve for bit installation Twin LED job light with pre-glow and afterglow functions High rotation speed at 3600rpm Variable speed controlled by trigger Ergonomically designed handle with soft grip provides comfortable grip and more control while minimising hand fatigue and pain Electronic 3-stage impact power selection - in order to reduce fault tightening, hard/medium/soft impact power can be selected to the material of workpiece or screw type simply by pushing a button T-Mode is a special mode optimum for fast tightening of self drilling screws without damaging the screw and workpiece Specifications: Voltage: 18V Capacity: Machine screw: M4 - M8 Standard bolt: M5 - M16 High strength bolt: M5 - M14 Coarse thread (length): 22mm - 125mm Impacts per minute: Speed 1: 0 - 3800ipm Speed 2: 0 - 2600ipm Speed 3: 0 - 1100ipm No load speed: Speed 1: 0 - 3600rpm Speed 2: 0 - 2100rpm Speed 3: 0 - 1100rpm Max fastening torque: 175Nm Vibration level: 12.5m/s² Sound pressure level: 96dB(A) Sound power level: 107dB(A) Dimensions (L x W x H): 117mm x 79mm x 236mm Weight: 1.2kg Warranty: 3 Years Warranty Covered By Makita Australia Makita DGA508Z 18V Li-ion Cordless Brushless 125mm (5") Angle Grinder - Skin Only - DGA508Z The DGA508 18V Mobile Brushless Angle Grinder features an electric brake and paddle switch. This grinder is ideal for end users looking for the safety and efficiency of an electric brake previously only seen in Makita’s AC grinders. Powered by Makita’s 18V Lithium-Ion technology and powerful patented designed BL Brushless Motor, the DGA508Z is designed to suit the needs of tradies looking for a powerful mobile alternative for grinding and cutting anything from steel to concrete. The DGA508Z Angle Grinder also features Automatic Torque Drive, kickback detection, Soft start and anti-restart. Features: Electric brake quickly slows the wheel rotation to a complete stop after the switch has been disengaged Soft start allows slower initial disc RPM before reaching full speed, to reduce start up shock, ensuring user safety Automatic torque drive automatically reduces RPM to increase torque when in tougher conditions Kickback detection shuts down the tool to protect the user if the rotation speed suddenly slows down Anti-restart function; if battery is inserted whilst the switch is engaged the tool will not start. Switch must be released and engaged again XPT eXtreme Protection Technology enhances dust and drip resistant performance protecting electrical components BL Brushless Motor provides the tool with more power and longer runtimes Specifications: Voltage: 18V Wheel size: 125mm Bore: 22.23mm No load speed: 8500rpm Switch type: Paddle Length: 362mm Weight: 2.6kg Warranty: 3 Years Warranty Covered By Makita Australia Makita BL1850B-L 18V 5.0Ah Li-ion Cordless Battery with Gauge - BL1850B-L The Makita 18V LXT Li-ion 5.0Ah battery, BL1850B-L, charges faster and works longer than standard Li-ion batteries, giving you and your cordless tools unmatched performance and productivity to take on the most demanding applications. The Makita 5.0Ah battery combines more run time (66% more run time per charge than the Makita BL1830 3.0Ah battery) with a category-leading charge time of only 45 minutes, so it spends more time working and less time sitting on the charger. For added convenience, it also features an L.E.D. charge level indicator to monitor battery charge. The BL1850B-L resists self-discharge so it is ready for use even after long periods of little to no useage. Features: Integrated L.E.D. battery charge level indicator allows user to monitor battery charge Up to 66% more run time per charge compared to BL1830 Fast 45 minute charging time Battery delivers consistent power and run time in extreme temperatures, even in winter (-20°C) Impact-resistant outer case and shock-absorbing inner-liner are engineered to protect the battery Sixteen contact terminals maintain a constant connection with the tool to help prevent power loss or fluctuation, even during high-vibration applications Battery resists self-discharge and remains ready for use even after long periods of storage Sensitive electronics are protected with a thick gel coating, preventing damage against dust and moisture Star protection computer controls - includes overload protection, over-discharge protection and over heat protection The battery and tool communicate, protecting your tool and battery from overload by cutting power when put under abnormally high current draw If the battery reaches a certain level of heat it will cut power to the tool, protecting the tool and battery from overheating Specifications: Voltage: 18V Amp hour: 5.0Ah Cell type: Lithium-Ion Charging time: 45 minutes Weight: 0.6kg Warranty: 2 Years Warranty Covered By Makita Australia Makita DC18RC 18V Li-Ion Cordless Battery Fast Charger - DC18RC Features: Built-in CPU - gathers information from the battery's memory chip to determine optimum charging method Forced air cooling fan - cools the battery to minimise charging time Digital power display identifies the condition of the battery and charging condition Specifications: Voltage: 18V Cell capacity: 1.5Ah - 6.0Ah Charge Time: 1.5Ah: 15mins 3.0Ah: 22mins 4.0Ah: 36mins 5.0Ah: 45mins 6.0Ah: 55mins Length: 185mm Weight: 0.82kg Warranty: 2 Years Warranty Covered By Makita Australia Makita 831278-2 600mm Large Cordless Tools Duffel Carry Bag LXT401 - 831278-2 Features: Heavy duty tool bag made with weather resistant, durable nylon cordura construction Plastic skids on bottom of bag for increased durability and wear protection Internal Pockets feature straps t

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