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Holemaker Uni Shank Gold Series Cutter 12mm x 25mm AT1225
Picture shown is for illustration purpose only. Size may vary. Please refer to description.

Titanium Nitride Coating - The Titanium Nitride coating significantly increases the tool life by providing the following benefits:
Increased surface hardness to 85HRC
Ceramic surface, reducing friction by up to 30%
Especially resistant to cold welding
Suitable for cutting a wide range of materials
M2AL High Speed Steel Material - M2AL High Speed Steel is a high alloy material with a hardness of up to 67.5 HRC, designed for
increased endurance of the cutting edge and tool life.
Step Hardened Process - This state of the art manufacturing process produces cutters with extremely hard tooth tips for increased
cutter performance, while maintaining a softer body which is less susceptible to breakage than standard high speed steel cutters.
Multi-Cut Geometry - Provides smooth and fast cutting, with decreased chatter. This also increases the cutters ability to remove
swarf away from the cut, and helps to enhance centering.
Fully Ground With Internal Relief - This feature allows Holemaker cutters to produce reamed quality, burr-free holes, and also helps
to reduce torque and horsepower requirements.
Universal Shank - 19.05 mm (3/4") Universal Shank with 2 flat sections to suit most magnetic base drilling machines.
Diameter 12 mm
Depth of Cut 25 mm
Pilot Pin Diameter 6.34 mm
Shank Diameter 3/4" (19.05 mm)

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