Welcome to Mallee Bearings- a family owned and operated ball and roller bearing stockist.

We first opened our doors in February 1982 and have successfully serviced our large cliental for those 30 years while expanding and extending our stock list to accommodate all our customer needs and enquiries.

We supply an extensive range of ball and roller bearings, oil seals, pulleys and v-belts, chains and sprockets, trailer components, hoses and fittings, lifting equipment, PTO shafts and components, industrial brushes, power transmissions such as motors and gearboxes along with a comprehensive range of hand and power tool products and much, much more!


When our parents John and Clare Hall took the massive step of buying Brian McKay Bearings and bringing Mallee Bearings to life, little did they know that from all the stress and unknown, the business would still exist in 30 years time!

From the very first invoice stating ‘Distributor of Bearings, Seals, Bronze, Universal Joints, Chains and Sprockets’- the business has grown and diversified throughout the years to now supplying an array of products such as compressors, pressure cleaners and yes the yearly favourite- the industrial fan with mister sprays!

It has serviced and supplied thousands of people throughout these 30 years — the 24hour ‘round the clock’ service and attitude of if we haven’t got it, we can get it for you, has allowed the business to become ingrained into the public of Sunraysia and to those people who travel yearly to Mildura. Dad, from the very beginning, was committed to only stocking and recommending quality brands.

We are the sole distributors of many key products which are world-renowned for reliability and effificiency. Receiving awards nationally and internationally for his commitment to selling these products is a testament to this statement.


We believe that to be successful in a community, you need to be part of it. As a family, we are thankful for the support the Sunraysia community has given our business over the past 30 years.

We take pride in being part of local sporting organisations and teams. Supporting Dad’s beloved Mildura West Cricket Club, Mildura Harness Racing as well as local speedway teams.